Creative Pioneer Ned McNeilage Directs ‘Showfolk’

nedkzjWhy are you in New York?

I’m in town for a screening of Showfolk, a film that I produced and directed. We have a screening tonight hosted by Catherine Zeta Jones.


Walk me through how this all came together and unfolded.

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Australian photographer’s global view


Australian photojournalist Daniel Berehulak has captured some extraordinary images from around the world throughout his career. Berehulak, 36, has been based in New Delhi, India for the past six years, working for Getty Images and publications including TIME and The New York Times.

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Cuevas Tilleard Projects launch party

photo (2)

Pablo Picasso said the purpose of art is to wash the dust of daily life off our souls. By Thursday, most of us living in the world’s cultural capital start feeling a little dusty, which is why we suggest you wash your soul with some art (and a drink!) to celebrate the launch of independent pop-up gallery Cuevas Tilleard Projects.

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Hairstylist Cassie Harwood cuts into NYC

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 2.41.40 PMCassie Harwood is a style director at Salon Ruggeri NYC on East 37th educator for Aussie hair product range evo, which launched in the U.S. in 2011 and is available at B_Space. Hailing from Adelaide, Harwood, 27, spent a decade working at Hair Machine, the best salon in the city of churches before relocating to New York two years ago. Billabout’s Pete Maiden chatted with Harwood about her career at the midtown salon, and tested her skills the old-fashioned way: he got a haircut.

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Here to help us: breaking down the role of Aussie government officials– A Q&A with LA Consul General Karen Lanyon

Karen Lanyon is the Australian Consul-General in Los Angeles. Appointed in July 2012, Lanyon’s distinguished 20-year career as an Australian government representative has spanned across Africa, Cambodia, Indonesia and Singapore. In her current California post she looks after seven U.S. states, including Alaska, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada. Billabout founder Pete Maiden sat down with Lanyon at the 31st in Century City to discuss her career in promoting Australia to the rest of the world, new selling points and egalitarian spirit.

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Q&A with former Wallaby Luke Milton – ‘Training Mate’ gym owner in LA

Sydney boy Luke Milton was a professional rugby player back home before he got into personal training and moved to the U.S. In 2009, Milton founded his signature Training Mate program of group fitness with an Aussie twist. In September, Milton opened Training Mate West Hollywood, a gym on Santa Monica Boulevard that specializes in high-intensity workouts and encourages you to have a laugh with your mates.

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Australian music showcase in LA & NYC

Southern Exposure, a collective of like-minded people who present showcase events for Australian artists in new markets, is running two gigs in the U.S. this month in Los Angeles and New York City.

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Bondi Harvest’s chef Guy Turland takes a bite of the Big Apple

Bowral born, now Bondi bon vivant, chef Guy Turland (pictured above) has found a way to combine his love for the beach with his passion for food. Bondi Harvest is a cooking show that matches the prototypical Sydney beach bum lifestyle with fresh and diverse dishes. On a recent trip to New York, Billabout sat down with the surfer-chef hybrid in B_Space on Mulberry Street to chat about one of our favourite subjects – food.

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The making of B_Space, NYC

Check out the construction of B_Space, Billabout’s retail store, on Mulberry Street, NYC.

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Presets US tour begins: cheeky interview with Kim Moyes

The Presets are one of Australia’s best live bands. They fucking rock.

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Insta-national: Annabelle Smith takes an American business back home

Insta-national: Annabelle Smith sits down with Billabout to talk all things social media.

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Official business: Consul General Phil Scanlan AM at B_Space

L-R: Julie Scanlan, Phil Scanlan and Pete Maiden at B_Space on Mulberry Street, SoHo

Australia has had formal diplomatic representation in New York City since 1918. Phil Scanlan AM, the current Consul General, took up the position in 2009. An established businessman and founder of the Australian American Leadership Dialogue, Phil and his wife Julie sat down with Billabout’s Pete Maiden to discuss his role in promoting Australia in the U.S., his expatriate life and the unique Aussie spirit.

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