Vaughan Dead Is A Stone Fox

I knew I really liked “Vaughan Dead” when he showed me the tattoo on his arm that says “I went to the tattoo shop and all I got was this lousey tattoo”. Vaughan does a lot of cool things like writes for Surfing World, Monster Children Magazine and is in a punk/horror pop band called the Goons of Doom with surfer and artist Ozzie Wright.

The Goons have recently toured the U.S. and their album “I Hate My Hair And I Want To Die” has been described by Volcom as “Songs and sounds of pirates and adventures and romance on the clipper, immortalized for the hip set, the lonely loser, the sentimental soul and gutter trash fucks alike.” Originally writing their own music for a surfing video, the Goons have gone on to tour with Pennywise and Grinspoon.

Soon we’re going to attempt to catch up with Vaughan Dead and ask how his recent tour of the west coast went and what interesting things he’s been doing. I’d also like to get the details of why the Goons were kicked out of an awards ceremony involving a lot of Jack Daniels. Vaughan is an enigma and is virtually un-contactable, so we’re sending out a pigeon to locate him (or you can just email me at

Until then, I promise you’ll enjoy his “illustrated blog” where he says funny things and how awesome his friends are.

By Stef Mitchell

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