U.S. travel tips from an architectural wiz

U.S. travel tips from Nick Barber, architectural wizard and man about town:

What are some of your favourite cities and restaurants in the U.S.?

Telluride for “The Plunge” [ski trail];  New York for Minetta Tavern; Los Angeles for the Chateau Marmont.

What are a few great day trips in U.S. cities?

Hike Los Angeles’ Runyon Canyon and visit Taos, New Mexico, for the light.

What are two Must-Dos before leaving the U.S.?

One: live in New York. Two: Head south. Mexico has become a second home to me. It is one of the most amazing countries on earth.

Where’s the best coffee in the U.S.?

Kaffe in Tribeca, New York.

What’s your favourite bar in New York, and your cocktail of choice?

The Nat King Cole Bar; I drink a dirty martini, straight up.

What’s your favourite hotel in New York and Los Angeles?

The Bowery in downtown New York and The Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Got any good aeroplane advice?

Sleep and good headphones — perhaps a cheeky red!

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