U.S. and Aussie travel tips for music lovers

Travel tips for music lovers from music lover and frontman for the Kin, Isaac Koren:


What are three things any music lover must do when visiting Australia as a tourist?

– Byron Bay: Bluesfest and/or Woodford Folk Festival.

– Swim at Bondi Beach [New South Wales], and then get fish ‘n’ chips with the seagulls.

– See live music at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne.

What’s your favourite bar and restaurant in your home city in Australia?

I think it was torn down — I have been away for so long. In Sydney, it would be ‘No Names’ Italian eatery.

What are three music venues in Australia you love?

– Great Northern in Byron

– Hopetown Hotel in Sydney

– Corner Hotel in Melbourne

What do you miss most from home?

– The beaches

– The fruit

– The coffee — flat white.

– My dad


What’s your favourite bar in the U.S., and your cocktail of choice?

Death + Co. in New York, and an Absinthe-rinsed rye whiskey cocktail.

What are two great holidays/festivals in the U.S.?

Halloween and Thanksgiving (despite its dubious origin).

What was Burning Man like? Who would you recommend it to?

Anyone who wants to let loose! Biggest party on the planet. I had a bit of a ‘walkabout’ in the desert while I was there, and danced my ass off. It’s great for the gypsy spirit and the wanderlust. You have to want to meet new people and wake up to big bass lines. I love it. It reminds me of life at six years old when there are more freedoms.

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