Travel and shopping tips from a fashion icon

Fashion icon and Vogue Australia’s editorial director, Nancy Pilcher shares a wealth of travel knowledge gleaned from a lifetime of globetrotting:

What’s your hometown in Australia?


What do you love most about Australia?

The fresh air, the multitude of uncrowded beaches, the cockatoos, the lorikeets and my greengrocer and butcher!

What are three things you recommend visitors do?

– Go to my favourite landmark: Uluru, the most magical place in all of Australia, where you really get the essence of the spirit that comes from the Aborigines and the simplicity of being one with the earth.

– Have a cocktail or lunch at Iceberg’s restaurant where you feel the waves of Bondi Beach crashing below you.

– If you are a daredevil, do the Harbour Bridge Climb — not for the fainthearted, like me.

What’s your favourite Australian art gallery?

Art Gallery of New South Wales.

What’s your favourite bar and restaurant in Australia?

Starfish in Avalon, New South Wales; Centennial Hotel, Woollahra, New South Wales.


What’s your favourite city in the U.S.?

New York City: A city where anything is possible, where the eccentric is common place, where the anonymous walk alongside the famous and the beat of the city never stops. It is its own universe.

What’s your favourite restaurant?

Kingswood. Not because my son owns it, but because there is a welcoming spirit when you walk in the door. It exudes warmth because of its uniqueness and the generosity of the people who work there.

What are some of your Must-Dos when visiting NYC?

Have a Roquefort burger at Hamburger Heaven and a slice of pizza from Ben’s, and make sure I have the latest copy of New York Magazine.

What’s the best place for coffee?

Ruby’s on Mulberry Street. Flat whites!

What’s the most interesting museum?

MOMA [Museum of Modern Art, New York].

What’s your favourite bar?

Lounge at the Mercer Hotel.

What’s their best cocktail?

Dirty Martini

What’s your favourite hotel in the U.S.?

Crosby Street Hotel [NYC]

What are your go-to stores in New York?

Barney’s, Bergdorf Goodman, Ricky’s, Bed Bath and Beyond and Zara.

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