The Presets and The Jezabels Headline CMJ Music Marathon in NYC – WIN TICKETS HERE!

Aussie indie-rockers The Presets and The Jezabels are hitting the CMJ festival in NYC this week, and we’ve got tickets and autographs up for grabs! Simply upload a recent photo (preferably Instagram) to our Facebook page with the tag #billabout #byoamerican. The photo MUST be Aussie related and taken in NYC. Entries will be picked at random, prizes include:



++Signed copies of The Presets’ new album Pacifica (released September 2012)

The concerts are approaching fast, so get your photos in to the Billabout Facebook today! Good luck!
Additional tickets are available for purchase on Ticketmaster

Interview with The Jezabels guitarist, Sam Lockwood:

Does anything feel different or special about playing NYC?
Yes, it’s amazing to play in New York. It’s the best place in the world, in my humble opinion

What iconic New York band has inspired you guys the most?
There are so many… I think that Sonic Youth invented ‘Indie Music’. So they would be the founding fathers of what we do I think. And then more recently, bands like The Strokes and Interpol made alternate rock cool again. Both of those bands make amazing music obviously. We’re also big fans of Blondie.

Are you more subway or cabs types?
Subway for sure. I once was so tired from jet lag that I fell asleep standing up on the 2 train to Brooklyn. I fell over.

Do you have any favorite bars or restaurants in NYC?
My favourite food place in the world is in New York. It’s called Num Pang and it’s a place that does Banh Mi – those awesome Vietnamese baguettes. I think it’s on 12th street.

Most rock star thing you have ever done on tour?
We are the least rock n roll band that there is I think. The other night though we were staying overnight in a Walmart carpark in Omaha and our stage tech and I got pretty drunk and we ended up jumping in all of the bushes. We aren’t a rock’n’roll band – all of our tour stories involve us acting like children.

Tips to standing out amongst the 1000000 bands playing CMJ?
Get tweeted by a celebrity. We were thinking of paying Ashton Kutcher a few thousand dollars to tweet about the show.. Not true but that would really help.

Who’s the worst driver in the band?
Well Nik’s the only one without a license so I’d say him, however he’d be a great driver if he ever tried I think.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?
Some stretching and some warm ups… And lately it’s been a bit of Red Bull. I hate to say it because I hate Red Bull, but it works in giving you that little bit of extra energy and ‘vibe’. *We’re not endorsed by Redbull

How do you guys pass time while touring between gigs?
We have got some movies to watch, and books to read, and food to eat. It’s really boring. I like to make some music on my laptop sometimes. But yeah it’s basically unproductiveness and laziness. We love to get out and explore the new places we arrive in though. That’s always a treat.

Biggie or tupac? Why?
Neither they’re way too misogynist for me. But I do like Biggie’s production more.

Is there an equivalent of the lower east side in Australia?
Actually I think that our second city called Melbourne is entirely ‘east side’. It’s a really cool city and there is a hell of a lot going on there. I recommend it highly. Sydney is nice but people care to much about money and real estate there.

Anything interesting in the Jezabels rider?

Bands drink of choice (if you drink)?
Beer, red wine and some Jamesons.

Who’s the best and worst dancer in the band, any signature moves on stage?
Hayley’s the best dancer, although if Nik our drummer could get up and dance he’d almost take the title. We have some funny videos of Hayley and Nik doing some sweet dancing duets. I’m the worst dancer in the world.

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