The 2015 Green Card Lottery Opens

The US Department of State is accepting entries for the 2015 Diversity Visa Program, or Green Card Lottery. The entry period began on Tuesday October 1, 2013 and ends at noon (GMT-4) on Saturday November 2, 2013.

Most Aussies are eligible to enter the lottery if they hold a high school education or have two years’ work experience in one of the specified occupations. Entry is free and is accepted online only at the State Department website.

The lottery will be drawn by computer on May 1, 2014. Winners are not automatically granted a visa but become eligible to apply for a Diversity Visa to be issued in the 2015 US fiscal year (October 1, 2014 to September 30, 2015). Successful visa applicants’ spouses, including same-sex spouses and unmarried children under 21 years of age will also qualify for visas.

New York based Immigration Attorney Zjantelle Markel from Cammisa Markel cautions entrants to use the official government website.
“Do not apply on any site that charges a fee – they are a scam,” she said. “Do not leave it to the last week to apply as the website gets very congested and there are long delays which can be very frustrating.”

Every year, the US offers 50,000 Diversity Visas to natives of countries that are considered underrepresented in the US. Of those 50,000 visas a maximum of 3,500 could be granted to Aussies. So get on it!

Check out the US State Department website for more information about the 2015 Diversity Visa Program.

For entrants who don’t hold a high school education, find out which specific occupations qualify for entry to the lottery.

By Geri Cremin

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