Nash Edgerton Gets Arty, Talks Bear

From his upbringing in country New South Wales to the big screen of Star Wars, The Matrix and Moulin Rouge!, Nash Edgerton is not just a stunt man, he is also a director and writer with an unbridled love for a dance-off with strangers.

Nomadic Edgerton tends to follow his work, which has recently taken him to LA, Paris and New York. His short films Lucky, Spider and its recent sequel Bear have received worthy attention for their streaks of Aussie “black humor”. Edgerton’s first feature film, The Square, has just been completed with his second major film written and ready for pre-production. Although one seriously busy bloke, Billabout caught up with him to talk about his passions outside film – girls and music.

Nash Edgerton interviewed by Stef Mitchell

Nash Edgerton in L.E.S. New York City (Photo: Stef Mitchell)

By Stef Mitchell

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