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KINGBROWN is an Australian magazine founded and published by Aussie street artist Yok. In a time when magazines are getting thinner or disappearing all together, KINGBROWN is fat and brings a quality of awesomeness to print that reminds you of how good it can feel to hold and read a mag and smell it (not to mention open it from its customized sewn shut sleeve). Issue Eight bridges the worlds of street art and skateboarding; for the launch, KINGBROWN packed their bags, left Melbourne and moved into the Klaougus gallery in Chinatown, New York to party.

Be sure to check out the Kingsbrown Exhibition gallery here!

Where are you from? How old are you?

How do you describe Perth to Americans? What do you love and not love about it?
I say Perth is like the Jersey Shore, HA! It’s not really, but it’s a point of reference. What do I love about Perth? My friends are all there. What don’t I love, that there is no one else there, HA ! It’s a pretty small town.

How did you get from Perth to Brooklyn?
Not a big story just made the move, Via a bus trip around Nicaragua/Costa Rica/Panama. Brooklyn is RAD!

How did KINGBROWN Magazine start? Do you have a background in publishing?
I have no background in publishing, it was 3 of us just trying to hack something together with no clue at all. It started at a party whilst drinking a few beers, and some how got off the ground and is amazingly still alive

It is amazing that while magazines in general are getting thinner, KINGBROWN is fat and awesome, how does the business model work?
HA! business model? This is still a labour of love. All the money goes back into keeping the brown bag plump.

How did you hook up with Morning Breath for the issue?
I Just hit them up, they are super rad, and were down immediately. Jason and Doug are print enthusiasts and when they saw the mag they were up for anything. They brought so many good ideas to the table, love working with them.

Why was skateboarding decided as the theme?
We asked MB to colab on an issue and they had deep connections in the skate worlds, as they started at Think Skateboards. Skateboarding is such a creative industry there was so many areas to mine.

How do you pick who to interview?
We have a rad-o-meter in the office.

How does the magazine come together?
It takes about 2-3 months. We work at a pretty relaxed pace, as do artists I have found.

Who is on the editorial team?
Primarily it’s Ian Mutch and myself and then more, depending on who we are collaborating with; we have had a lot of help in the past from other people. The NY issue had a lot more helpers/writers Ross Clugston, Ana Delany, Morgan Campbell and Melita Masters…

How was the gallery show? I heard there was a skateboard ramp and crazy weather?
Yeah it was a huge turnout, it exceeded expectations. We had a best trick comp run by 5 Boro over the Converse shoe ramp, and a huge Grotesk design skull. Mike Giant was painting a sick mural out the front with myself and Sheryo. It was a fun launch! Then a tropical thunderstorm rolled though and everyone tried to cram into the gallery, including a naked girl. Ha!

What’s next for you and Kingbrown?
Issue 9, with some more fun inserts [Issue 8 had skull sticker and a make-it-yourself mini skateboard)

What inspires you to make art?

What Street work of your own are you most proud of?
Thats a hard one to answer, i think my latest painting is always my favourite.

What are your favourite haunts in New York (bars, restaurants)?
Dive bars, $1 beer spots, Duff’s bar off the JMZ

What are your 3 favourite street art pieces in New York?
Funny tags are my fav, “Drain a virgin” is a good one, “Forever alone” (some one wrote next to it” kill your self”) and “fuck your dad”

Any favourite galleries in New York?

For an American travelling to Aus, and they want to see good Aussie art, where should they go?
Brooklyn, 5 pointz in Long Island City– take the 7 train.

What is your advice to Australians wanting to come to the US?
Just pack your bags

Be sure to check out the Kingsbrown Exhibition gallery here!

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