House of Card with love from Oz

Georgia Hopkins (above left in Austin last year) is making her mark on the US via a good old fashioned flat white and a Tim Tam or three. Hopkins, 33, from Melbourne, kicked of her “popupdownundercoffee” stall at the 2013 South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. The stall was featured in a  house of card sustainable structure.

After working in finance at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and then Morgan Stanley in Australia for six years, Hopkins quit her high-powered finance events job in January 2012 to travel. She then journeyed across the world, taking in sights from Israel to California, before deciding to do something innovative with the clever cardboard hut invented by her ex-boyfriend’s father, Melbourne architect Peter Ryan.

“It was originally designed as disaster relief housing because it’s sustainable housing,” says Hopkins of the cheap and environmentally friendly cardboard house structure.

Hopkins united house of card together with Sounds Australia, who managed all 48 Australian music acts playing at this year’s SXSW showcase, and Longshot Coffee, an L.A.-based coffee company run by fellow Aussie expat Mark Baird.

“We showcased Australian design, architecture, coffee and music,” Hopkins says of the event. “And Sounds Australia promoted their new iPhone app by providing free coffee for an hour for those who download the app.”

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