Corbin Harris – Pro Skateboarder

Pro Skateboarder and TV Host Corbin Harris was one of Billabout’s first friends and profiled athletes. The action sports junkie has just released his new film to celebrate officially turning pro with sponsor Element. Check out the film and read more about the making.

How long have you been making this film for?

I’ve been filming for about 15 months for this 5 minute part!

What’s your favorite trick and moment in the film?

The last one where I ride the roof of a shed at an amazing water-park location in Perth, WA. Random spot and all spur of the moment, makes me really happy.

What’s the ratio of stacking and nailing a trick?

Well that roof one took me about 2 hours and I couldn’t walk afterwards for 2 days!

Tell us about your relationship with Element?

Element and I are really good mates. The brand is a good fit for me: lifestyle, skateboarding, the whole thing. Whatever level it may be I can see myself being with the company for a very long time.

What does officially turning pro mean, how is it different from before?

I’ve been a pro skate boarder for about 10 years. Skating in pro contests etc. Turning pro is an industry level thing. It means a credible skateboard company within the industry has asked you to have your name on there boards to help sell it to all the little kiddies out there. And big kids! So its rad. It’s the pinnacle for most skateboarders careers!

What’s coming up for you in near future mate?

Skating and working on a few TV productions. I just wanna live for a while. I’m feelin really good on board and happy, so that’s my plan right now! Skate and keep filming.

By Pete Maiden

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