Billabout Launch Party in NYC

Last night in SoHo, New York, the Australian creative community descended upon Brinkley’s Bar and Restaurant to celebrate the launch of Billabout. Over fine Penfolds wine, the lively crowd mingled, dined, danced and celebrated the achievements of different Australians.

Click to see the Billabout Launch Party Photo Gallery.

Guests were treated with live musical performances by Wim, E.J. Barnes and The Kin, plus DJs Nick Cohen and Alexandra Richards. One lucky winner went home with a valuable magnum of Penfolds 389, kindly donated by Penfolds. Among the crowd of influential Australians and their American friends were Katherine and Alexandra Keating, James Houston, Emma Lung, Oliver Ackland and the band Art Vs Science.

Sydney band WIM perform at the Billabout Launch Party at brinkley's in Soho New York (photo: Stef Mitchell)

Some of the Billabout crew: Schuyler Weiss, Andrew Flynn, Katherine Keating, Pete Maiden and Georgina Koren (photo: Stef Mitchell) went live on Australia Day, January 26, 2011, and it has quickly grown to be the main hub for Australian creative culture in the United States; the website celebrates the achievements of Australians living, working and traveling in America.

Party guests Art vs. Scienec (left). Tim Irwin from Penfolds, Katherine Lee winner of the magnum of Penfolds Bin 389, pictured with Pete Maiden at the Billabout Launch Party. Photo Stef Mitchell

Billabout would like to thank our American hosts, Penfolds, Brinkley’s Restaurant and V Australia for their continued support.

Click to see the Billabout Launch Party Photo Gallery.

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