Back to print for digital denizens

Like most young writers and editors today, James Aviaz makes his living in the digital realm, but his affection for print has seen him shun Tumblr and take the less conventional step of lovingly hand-crafting a paper zine.  He is the founder and editor of “Everything is Fucked, Everything is OK,” a printed collection of stories, illustrations and photos from contributors based in New York, Sydney and London.

Aviaz, 30, who grew up in Melbourne and did stints living in Sydney and London before deciding to call New York home, describes the work as a pure labor of love. He and creative director Andrew Guirguis, a designer at Anomaly in New York (pictured above with Aviaz), have published the zine without any outside funding, and all contributions were donated. “How else can you make a magazine these days?” Aviaz said.  “[The catalyst] was very selfish, because everyone is too busy to sit and have conversations with friends about what’s on their minds, and online content is a disaster for attention because it’s too easy to get distracted, so I’ve made this to give interesting opinions the best possible chance of actually being read. Ultimately, I’ve picked people to contribute because they have interesting opinions, and most of them are quite strong.”

Prompted by the enthusiastic response the first issue received when it was launched last September, Aviaz decided to print a second issue, which will be launched at B_Space on March 6. Contributors to the second issue include Alex Luther-Cannon, whose elegiac piece talks about the difficulty of finding people with similar literary interests (“I grew up reading the kind of tough but helplessly romantic authors that defined the American voice”), and Australian writer Kat George, who humorously muses about the internet (“There are 20-somethings everywhere crying through their fingers and onto keyboards, creating the kind of futuristic tears Blade Runner only dreamed of as they tap, tap, tap, bloodletting late into the night.”)

It also includes illustrations from Gary McCreadie, and another resplendent canine portrait from Aviaz himself. “Dogs are the panacea for many of mankind’s ills. If anything isn’t okay, just get in front of a dog and look at them and it will all be okay,” he says of photographing Ashman, an adorable mini Yorkshire terrier.

The new zine launches next Wednesday night, and you can RSVP here. But if you can’t make it to B_Space, you can order your copy of “Everything is Fucked, Everything is OK” here.

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