B_Space Holiday Gift Guide

Come to B_SPACE and get your gift on! We have done all the thinking for you below…

Volley Shoe Co. Ellery et Graz Sunglasses M&M Bags

“Kickin it on Chrissy in             “These will make your          “Mum’s the word with      some $40 vollies”                     lady love you more”           this designer travel bag”

Drizabone Mambo Mara & Mine

“Woof! All NYC pups              “NYC, meet the farting dog!          “Show us your bones!”   need a statement jacket.”       Limited edition iconic prints”

Meandher Laughing Man Tea & Coffee B_Space Moleskeins

“A well dressed man’s                                    “Two words: Stocking. Stuffers.”                     look starts with his feet”

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