Actress Emma Lung on Crying and Wanking

Who is Emma Lung, you ask? Well, she’s a better actor than George Clooney, changes accents like a jukebox and is able to play any song on the piano just by listening to it. Basically Emma is a hurricane of talent – that is if hurricanes were really good looking and didn’t destroy things. Everybody who meets her loves her.

In 2002, while Bacardi Breezers were being tasted for the first time, Emma was studying acting in New York City and making her first movie appearances. With a bunch of nominations and awards under her belt (including an AFI for the short film “Stranded”), Emma’s been doing Australia proud in the US for some time. And with an Australian drama series looming called “The Straits”, Billabout has discovered Emma is one busy – and seldom high-brow – lady.

Tell us about The Straits?

It’s a ten-part series starring Brian Cox, Rena Owen and Aaron Fa’aoso, directed by Rowan Woods, Rachel Ward and Peter Andrikidis. It’s a brilliantly written film about a mafia family causing all sorts of strife in Cairns and the Torres Straits. It’s going to be good – I can’t wait to get amongst it.

Have you ever done any stunts on films you’ve worked on?

I did a bunch of the stunts on “House of Wax” and all of the stunts on “Triangle” and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Speaking about stunts, I’ve heard you do an amazing rendition of someone crying and wanking. Where did you learn this?

The crying and wanking thing sounds so terrible, but it derives from two girls that I went to school with. Funniest duo. They used to use the expression ‘crying and wanking’ as a way of describing social anxiety. I forgot about this for years, but at some point the memory was triggered and I couldn’t resist the urge to break it down into an action.

You’re also known for your accents. What’s your favourite lilt to put on?

I would say my Spanish accent is my strongest. My boyfriend speaks fluent Spanish, which helps!

What part of Japan are you from?

I’m not from Japan, racist! I’m from Australia. My grandfather was born in a province near Beijing.

When you’re not gracing Sydney’s social pages, what are some of the high-brow activities you enjoy in Australia?

Haha, high-brow activities I enjoy in Oz? Um…gallery exhibitions are considered high brow, no?

Shoot, root or marry – Oprah, Meryl Streep and John Farnham. Go.

Root Oprah, marry Meryl Streep and shoot John Farnham. That’s horrible. Sorry Oprah, Meryl and Johnny!

If you started a band, what would it be called?

My girlfriend Tory wanted to start a girlband and call it Gash Attack. High brow?

Interview by Stef Mitchell

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