“A Passionate Australian” in New York

Bruce Saunders, a retired Physics Teacher from Melbourne, bumped into Billabout’s Pete Maiden on the street in Greenwich Village. Bruce was rocking a Dizabone and Akubra at the time, so because of his distinctive Aussie look we had to find out what he was doing in the neighbourhood.

What are you up to?
I’ve been holidaying in the USA for a month with my wife Gail. We arrived in LA, took a train to Flagstaff, drove to the Grand Canyon, Monument
Valley, Denver, Rapid City and Minneapolis. Then took more trains to Chicago, Buffalo, Boston, Washington DC, then drove to Roanoke via Blue Ridge Parkway to Harrisburg, then Philadelphia and finally  a train to New York.

Geez, mate, that’s a whole lot of travelling. How has your Drizabone and Akubra been received on tour?
The coat and the hat have created a lot of interest. My wife, Gail, says it’s a standout in the crowds and gets lots of stares everywhere we go. I’ve had many comments and enquiries about the coat.

Why do you wear it?
It’s warm, it repels the rain and I am passionately Australian! It was a winner at the Niagara Falls with the constant ‘rain’ that falls due to the swirling spray thrown up. Its was great in Boston when walking the Freedom Trail when the wind chill was high and in New York when it was very cold a few days ago.

Any care instructions for us?
I gave it an extra oiling before leaving Australia as the oil stops the wind blowing through the weave.

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